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My Name is Nelson Roque.

About Me

I am currently pursuing my Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology at Florida State. When not writing or programming, photography, and a few others things take up my time



Whether you are looking to develop a new app, or create your social media strategy, you are in good hands.


The focus of my research is on visual attention, but I also have interests in aging & technology, and transportation safety.


Do you have an idea that you want to make come to life? I can help, whether you need it in HTML, PHP, MYSQL, Javascript, Python, MATLAB, R or any combination of these.

Data Analysis

Part of having data is knowing the story it is trying to tell you. Sometimes you need to wiggle it out by using a regression, ANOVA, or some Machine Learning. If any of that sounds like what you need (or if you don't know) I'm happy to see how I can help.

Current Research

The topics that interest me are many, but my focus is on visual attention.

Exploring Visual Search as a Way to Understand Medication Errors

Behavioral Research

Objects? or Space? Exploring Realism & Attention

Behavioral Research

Measuring Math Performance and Letter Recall: An Amazon Mechanical Turk Study

Online Data Collection


I support Open-Science. My code is your code! Just be sure to attribute credit :-)

Transform text from Uppercase to Lowercase, quickly, online!


Programming tips in various languages, Data and Machine Learning fun, and much more coming soon.

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Contact me and I will be happy to respond!